Welcome to tempsdb’s documentation!

This is an append-only embedded time series library written in Cython.

It tries to use mmap for reads and writes, and in general is as zero-copy as possible (ie. the only time data is unserialized is when a particular entry is read). It also uses iterators.

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Stored time series with a 8-bit timestamp and a fixed length of data. So no variable encoding for you!

New in version 0.2.

When mmap fails due to memory issues, this falls back to slower fwrite()/fread() implementation. You can also manually select the descriptor-based implementation if you want to.

New in version 0.5.

Experimental support for gzipping time series is added. Note that reading from gzipped files might be slow, as every seek requires reading the file from the beginning.

Warnings will be issued while using gzipped series to remind you of this fact.

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